Barbara Lang is a French designer, who has one shop and one showroom in the heart of Paris. Here, every piece is hand-made in house by a small team who check each garment one by one to make sure it is to the highest of standards. The durability of her materials and the stylistic designs make for timeless collections. 

She does not sell online and asks her boutiques to do the same, as well as not to post full images of each garment online. Do pop in to the shops to see the collections in person – we believe it is better this way too as you are able to feel the fabric and understand the beauty of each design. 

As a company, they are very eco-friendly, every order is delivered in a cardboard box without a plastic bag. 
This is what she has to say about her collections: 

“Do not be afraid of the magnitude
Dresses, timeless and always fashionable.
To wear every day, even at night …
To superimpose at will, to wear reversible, to shift!
Magnitude, volume, voluptuousness
in forms and materials.
Selected materials with attention, good quality and durable.
Fabrics that will make you travel and you will rediscover each season.
Collections that are easy to wear everyday
in town or in the countryside!
An anti-tailor line, well cut!”
Stocked in Hawkhurst, Rye & Lewes