Beatriz Furest, the founder of the brand, comes from a family that has dressed the gentlemen of Spain for over a century.
In 1898 her relatives opened their first store,’Furest’, in Barcelona’s Plaza Real, starting what is now a legendary menswear label that continues to thrive years later. Her family’s love for fashion, art and design had a profound effect on young Beatriz. 
Raised in the Furest’s busy workshops, she learnt the tricks of her trade from the traditional methods practised by her forefathers. Beatriz recalls how different colour trends were applied to classic tailoring and incorporated into new collections each season. 
It wasn’t long before Beatriz began to dream of setting up her own brand. Noticing that it was difficult to buy quality leather accessories inspired by streetwear, she felt compelled to fill this overlooked gap in the market. 

Catalan architecture, Italian leather and family tradition come together in Beatriz Furest, an accessories brand from the heart of Barcelona.
Beatriz Furest’s designs capture the essence of Barcelona’s cool street style, and with its team of skilled craftsmen, armed with only finest Italian leather, the label is at once classic and contemporary.
Since its debut in 1996 the brand has bridged the gap between traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge vision, and is fast becoming one of Europe’s most desirable accessories labels.

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