Designed in the UK, we collaborate with a long-established manufacturer of cashmere, merino, linen and cotton knitwear – a family-run business based in Hampshire, with all production supplied through their own factory in Kathmandu.

The styles are classic, to be worn by women everyday, whether it’s the school-run, the food shopping or lunch with friends. These pieces are for the busy, working woman who love their clothes. Worn with a pair of good jeans and some trainers or boots, you’re ready to go. Our pieces are timeless, ageless, and ‘sizeless’ with most being a One Size fits all job. 

This summer, we have toned down the colours to a beautiful palette of neutrals and pastels, fitting alongside the summer trend in the shops at the moment, all these pieces work in well as a staple in any wardrobe. 

We have introduced a new range of knitted linen with a couple if new shapes as well as some classics, such as the Esmie shrug which we’ve previously done in cotton and cashmere. The knitted linen range is perfect for mid-season and isn’t too heavy with a summer look. 

The manufacturers hand dye the cashmere yarn using an age-old, manual process in which the yarns are submerged in traditional dye baths. The pot dyed wool is dried by spreading it in the open air and ensures the fibre maintains its suppleness.

Stocked in Hawkhurst, Rye and Lewes