Hultquist Copenhagen is a brand of handmade contemporary jewellery for unique women. Copenhagen is home and where the inspiration originates. They are inspired by their surroundings especially nature, architecture, art and people. The concept of Hultquist Copenhagen is to create innovative and inspirational jewellery inspired by a mixture of different cultures from the past, present and future.

Main collection

Jewellery is plated with silver and gold. The base is a metal alloy and guaranteed nickel free. This base is coated with copper or palladium which gives the plating a better finish and life. The earring stick is made of titanium. All stones used on the products are selected Swarovski/Stellux crystals, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls or glass beans. All are handwoven and handmade. To take care of the jewellery, we advise not to spray directly with perfume or wear them during bathing, swimming or sleeping. Fresh water pearls are natural pearls and as in nature, these are different in colour and shape.

By use of plated jewellery there will be a certain wear and tear. With plated jewellery many factors influence the wear and tear such as acid from the skin, sweat, perfume, hairspray, alcohol and medicine consumption, body imbalance, stress, air pollution etc. Everyone’s skin/body affects the plating differently. Some effect more and quicker than others and some hardly at all. There are no rights to invoke lack of conformity due to wear and tear.

Real Collection

The jewellery is either sterling silver or sterling silver with 18k gold plate. As with the plated jewellery, they recommend you do not bathe, sleep of swim in the jewellery and to store it in the box it came with.

Stocked in Hawkhurst, Rye and Lewes