Mes Desmoiselles Paris

Each collection invites us to immerse ourselves in the heart of our memories, in the refined boudoirs of our grandmothers, where the silk fabrics still shine, where the handmade embroidery leave their imprints on pretty cotton blouses and where the prints allow to express all their colours.

The collections are the mirror of a beautiful romance where the ancient techniques and the know-how of the loom mingle. In pursuit of the essentials, the brand is inspired by what the Earth can offer us and interprets it in an original way in order to create unique pieces that fit in time and out of time. A rich offer of arts and crafts borrowed from the land of the Rising Sun, revisited by the designer who affixes its touch of refinement while delicacy. A real wealth that illuminates a whole season.

Stocked in Hawkhurst, Rye and Lewes