Ochre is a long-established manufacturer of cashmere, merino and cotton knitwear – a family-run business based in Hampshire, with all production supplied through their own factory in Kathmandu.

Ochre is charity/ethos focused brand. It is their company ethos to support and give back to the local community where we are based.  They recruit and train people from the local communities; they have been actively supporting local schools, charity and hospital with needed funds. They are ethically run and support Green initiatives locally.

They have helped build schools, including the Peace Garden Secondary School in Khakana, Lalitpur. The pupils are from poor families, whose mothers work in the fields and are uneducated. They all wear a school uniform, costing £8 which they contribute this cost.

They try to ensure that the girls are well educated so they can teach their mothers things like proper hygiene and hand washing. They build separate loos for the girls and boys which isn’t something that happens very often.

Every 6 months they go out there to dispense vitamin A tablets, which helps with the children’s growth as they tend to have a poor diet. Other tablets such as de-worming tablets are also dispensed.

They hand dye the cashmere yarn using an age-old, manual process in which the yarns are submerged in traditional dye baths. The pot dyed wool is dried by spreading it in the open air and ensures the fibre maintains its suppleness.

Stocked in Hawkhurst, Rye and Lewes