Established in 1993, Somewhere is a Parisian independent family business known for its casual style and affordable quality. Marie-France orchestrates the creation in Paris, Dominique, her husband takes care of the marketing, while their daughter, Lucie manages sourcing, merchandising and occasionally models for the brand.

Concerned with sustainable development, they use the most eco-friendly natural fibres such as flax, yak wool or organic cotton, which as they saw on their travels in India, respects the land and the farmers.

They work with small manufacturers in Europe, Asia and Africa and have strong likes to all of them.

Inspired by cities in the real and literal world, the Somewhere collections offer a wide range of neutral or soft colours with accents of light spikes. A fine example of French creation where simplicity remains a key word.

Stocked in Hawkhurst, Rye and Lewes