Unisa is an internationally renowned Spanish footwear brand. Its designs are particularly characterised by their comfort and the quality of the raw materials used, which is the reason why plenty of women trust and follow the Unisa brand. A company that adapts fashion to everyday women’s life and comfort.

Unisa was founded and started life in Spain during the 70’s. Musso, Porta and their team started to employ designers from all over the world who shared their taste and company values, thus contributing to an always fresh and multicultural range. The brand, which was based on fusion, looks after this feature as one of its most valued treasures.

Unisa’s main commitment is towards comfort. The company’s labs carry out daily experiments aimed at producing more comfortable, lightweight shoes with better adapted lasts, in order to manufacture trendy but also practical footwear.

Stocked in Hawkhurst, Rye and Lewes