To make “Mindful designs for a conscious consumer”

Yavï products have a personality of their own, each with their own unique story. They redefine indigenous traditional textile making to a contemporary aesthetic in worn impressionism. At Yavï, they constantly push boundaries to bring something new, something exciting each season to keep the joy of creating alive.

Yavï finds it’s imperative inspiration, in an innocent, ethereal rather than evident, chimera. A dream to weave a heaven of it’s own. Make it’s wearers feel special. Feel caressed, in the arms of creativity and comfort.

Yavï is a fashion and accessories label. Conceived, to journey through, the transformation of the art of indigenous textile making, into soulful products, each closely knit to a warm story.

The label’s conscience lies, in using traditional hand-crafting and hand-painting techniques. Evolving them to create a state-of-the-art aesthetic in worn impressionism; which brings formidable substance and value to the brand.

At Yavï, each creation goes through an enchanting odyssey. Loved and nurtured by several skilled craftsmen at every stage, to create a conscious, unique and sophisticated end product for everyday understated luxury.

Stocked in Lewes and Rye