Zyga Lin'n Laundry

Zyga Lin’n Laundry is a family story: Philippe and Viviane launched the brand in 2001, in the footsteps of their father Zyga.

From that heritage, Zyga Lin’n Laundry has kept high quality requirements and has developed a keen interest on natural fibres and fabrics. They offer feminine, natural, chic and timeless collections, which are produced in Europe. Their designs are developed within the Parisian studio, in order to keep mastering from product to cut. Linen being their starting point, they seek the highest quality in Europe and offer it in an infinite range of colours. They use, among others, the traditional technique of garment dying, which has the particularity of emphasising the natural aspect of the weaving.

Stocked in Hawkhurst, Rye and Lewes