Buyer’s Pick: NoLoGo-Chic

The bright prints of NoLoGo-chic are this brand’s strength this summer. They stood out to us as something we would definitely want to wear on holiday (or in England with another heat wave!). The prints are so vibrant yet not vulgar and in-your-face, making them perfect for every day wear or with some fabulous tassel earrings, they can be dressed up for the evening.

The shape of these tunics are perfect for all our ladies of many different shapes and sizes. They come in a bit at the waist, falling just below the knee with a subtle tulip shape bottom half. The sleeves are 3/4 length with a split in the cuff for ease of movement. Tima, the designer, has thought this shape out carefully with real women in mind. She’s hit the spot! Although its rainy and dull outside, these dresses have been flying out the door already! Perfect for those heading to warmer climates (very sensible too!) or to simply cheer yourself up, because in February, why shouldn’t we? And we all know summer will come one day…

These tunic dresses come in five different prints (one for every day of the week) and are stocked in all three of our boutiques.