Firstly, we would like to thank everyone who has popped into our shops to give us your kind comments on our Christmas windows this year. We think they look spectacular and we are so pleased you do too. The smiles and comments are worth every bit of effort we put into them.

Here are some images of the three shop windows. All of it is real (reindeer and angel are not real unfortunately!), natural and sourced sustainably and responsibly. It was a joint effort from Zoe, the owner, and her partner, Jamie who is an arborist in his own right, with the help from Megan, Zoe’s daughter and Fred, Jamie’s son. Credit for the images goes to Jamie’s youngest son, Archie. A real family effort!

To make the windows requires time, patience and a good eye. The first two are certainly tested! We have to clear the whole of the front of the shop so we don’t damage the stock on the shop floor, and to create some space for the trees to come in. After a bit of rearranging, the trees are cut to size and secured into place. Then the lights are put in, followed by base for the moss and the logs and stumps. The brash is cut into bunches and then the finishing touches of hydrangeas, honesty, sea heather and fur cones are perfectly arranged by Zoe. The windows take a whole day (or long evening) to install in the shops, and countless hours of sourcing all the right materials.

The reindeer in the Hawkhurst shop have been made using a wire structure and then covered encased with moss. They have to be sprayed with water regularly to keep them from drying out. The angel and reindeer found in the Rye and Lewes shops were purchased by Zoe a few years ago at antique fairs, and kept at home until they are taken to one of the shops for their annual Christmas outing!

If you are passing the shops, do take a moment to appreciate the beauty and hard work that has gone into creating them. Please feel free to take any pictures, and if you pop them on social media, please do tag us in them using @cordeliajamesboutiques on Instagram.

We thank you once again for your comments and enjoy the festive scenes!