Summer Outfits To Wear In The Garden

With the sun shining down on us over the Bank Holiday weekend, we need our summer wardrobe out and in full swing - and we are here to help. So we may not be planning outfits for family BBQs, weddings and Speech Day, but that doesn't mean we can't look and feel wonderful from the safety of our own gardens or for a walk in the park. Here are three outfits we've put together that we are wearing in our gardens at the moment - stunning, easy to wear and we can mix and match with other pieces in our wardrobe too. 
Outfit 1:
Our NoLoGo linen dresses are a bestseller. The shape suits just about anyone and they come in a variety of prints.
Shop the NoLoGo Collection here or click here for this exact dress. 
We've teamed the dress with a pale green hat which protects us from the sun, but compliments the pops of colour in the dress.
Shop our range of Escale Hats and Bags here or click here for this exact hat.
To bring it all together, we've added some easy slip on pumps in a pale aqua colour. This compliments the dress and hat but keeps it simple - let the dress do that talking! These pumps come with laces too and are the perfect 'at home' shoe.
Shop the full range of Natural World Pumps or click here to go straight to these exact shoes. 
Outfit 2:
This next dress is stunning on. Maxi dresses automatically give the illusion of looking for dressy without having to do an awful lot. This one ties in under the bust at the back and has a pretty floral pattern. Soft cotton makes it ideal to wear in the garden sun.
Shop the full Stella Forest Collection or click here to go straight to this dress. 
We have teamed this dress with a neutral straw hat. Top Tip: There is a tie around the head - pull this in tighter to stop it blowing off your head in the wind.
Shop the full Rabarany Collection or click here to go straight to this exact hat. 
In keeping with the neutral hat, we've teamed this outfit with the new Beatriz Furest plimsolls. Made from linen, these are a beautiful natural shoe and keep the dress more casual as we are wearing it at home. This long dress shines on its own, complimented with neutral colours and a great outfit if your style is more neutral too.
Shop the full Beatriz Furest Collection or click here to be take to these exact shoes. 
Outfit 3:
Our third and final garden outfit features a pretty dress from our popular brand Zyga Lin'n'Laundry. With its pretty tulip print and A-line shape, this sleeveless dress is easy to pop on in the morning for a day in the garden. 
Shop the full Zyga Lin'n'Laundry Collection or click here for this exact dress.
Pair it with these fabulous Penelope Chilvers suede clogs for Dress Up Friday (an Instagram campaign to get us all dressing up and feeling good on a Friday). With a bit of a heel, they give you height but the angle isn't high so they are still super comfortable to wear all day long.
Shop the full Penelope Chilvers Collection or click here to view these exact clogs.
To top of your outfit, wear our Bellerose hat with a subtle red check woven into the natural raffia. With a wide brim, this hat is simply great whilst reading a book as it shades you from the sun.
Shop the full Bellerose Collection or click here to view this exact hat. 
We hope you loved these outfits as much as we do, a bit of inspiration for you to look great, even if its just at home. A glass of wine or a G&T always goes well these outfits too! 
With lots of love, 
Meg x 
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