Welcome to my first blog post for Cordelia James' new online boutique! How exciting! I thought I would use this space to share with your my favourite collections, ideas on what to wear for different occasions and the life behind our family business. 

Firstly, I want to address the current situation - what on Earth is happening?! I'm sure many of you are thinking the same and my gosh what a roller-coaster we are on! This pandemic has shaken our worlds upside down. However, we are ALL in this TOGETHER. And over the past month I have seen so much love and support on social media and news channels. Clapping at 8pm every Thursday for groups of our heroes - the NHS staff, the delivery drivers, carers, supermarket workers, food-chain workers, PPE makers.. the list goes on and everyone who is still having to go out there and go to work - we salute you. 

Moving on to what we have been doing since we closed our shops temporarily, well, if you're reading this then you will have probably already noticed - we went online! I made these challenging times for us as a retailer who relies on footfall and physical store sales to make a living, into an exciting new opportunity. So far we are super happy with it and we want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has placed orders with us - we feel so lucky to have such an amazing supportive customer base and hearing the feedback has been making this difficult time so much better. 

With more time at home with our families, we are learning to appreciate the small things and putting a different perspective on life. Time to think. Time to reflect. Plenty of Netflix and plenty of online shopping! And how much I am dying to be sitting in a sunny pub garden with a all my besties drinking a cold glass of rose - cant wait! 

Stay safe, stay positive, keep shopping. 

Meg x 

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