Collection: Bellerose

From papery cotton to supple suede, knee length pleated skirts, knitted sweaters in mohair or cashmere, oversized checkered jackets, customized denim, workwear pieces with unexpected details, geometrically deconstructed coats and accessories in line with seasonal thematics.

Keeping control and doing things themselves – from creating their own fabrics to the architecture of their stores – nearly everything they do is done internally.

The keyword for every item in their collections. A garment can be elegant, sophisticated, vintage or even avant garde but above all it has to be comfortable and wearable, every day of the week.

When it comes to the quality of Bellerose fabrics and the general design of the collections, they always try to surprise with their in-house expertise and constant innovation.

Simply love details. There’s a true culture of details in the whole company, starting with the designers all the way to the opening of new stores. They are convinced that details alone make a huge difference and should never be neglected.

Mixing and matching feminine and masculine, oversized and ultra slim, dressy sportswear or color combos that are out of the box. Live it, love it and it simply is he Bellerose trademark.


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