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Founded in 2014 by a tea of friends with a shared desire to create no-fuss, core pieces that would sit timelessly, wear effortlessly and still excite women by looking great and feeling better. 
Jumper 1234 uses raw cashmere, which is carefully refined to filter anything other that the purest fibres. Their cashmere comes from the Mongolian countryside, which supports the lives of the nomadic heardsmen and their families.
The cashmere is combed out of the goat in March each year after the harsh winter has finished. Mongolian cashmere is naturally sustainable - the fibre is only removed once the goats begin to moult naturally and then removed using traditional hand combing. 
Jumper 1234 has a new line of leisurewear pieces which have been designed by the team in London, with production in Florence, Italy. Soft and strong, pure cotton and terry towelling, each item is hand-dyed.

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