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Seraphina was born out of  our founder Fiona Hodges’ memories of her childhood on her father’s tea plantation in Darjeeling, coupled with her love of design.

Captivated and inspired by the work of Indian artisans, by the colour, texture and beauty of the fabrics, and by the sweetness of the people, she was inspired to create her own easy-to-wear modern clothing brand. 

Today, Seraphina offers a curated collection of timeless and conscious clothing, all crafted from the finest natural fabrics India has to offer – such as linens, cottons and silks. The prints are all designed in house. Fiona continues to be inspired by the vibrancy and colours of India which she now considers her second home.

All clothing is made by the finest artisans in India whose pride, care, passion, skill and expert attention to detail shine through in each piece.  They pride themselves on their short supply chain: pattern cutters, stitchers and tailors work in the same place, so every aspect of every piece is local and accountable.  Fiona works closely with the team and visits the factory regularly to ensure that the excellent working conditions are maintained. The factory is SEDEX certified. 

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