Collection: Album Di Famiglia

Album di Famiglia is an Italian fashion brand specializing in designer women's wear. Founded in 2000 by Monica Rusconi and her husband Pierluigi Russo, the brand focuses on creating minimalist and sophisticated clothing with a strong emphasis on quality materials and craftsmanship.

Album di Famiglia's designs often feature clean lines, relaxed silhouettes, and neutral color palettes, offering a contemporary yet timeless aesthetic. The brand is known for its luxurious fabrics, such as high-quality cotton, cashmere, and silk, which contribute to the comfort and elegance of its pieces.

"Our collection is guided by a single word: simplicity. We create clothes, in which to feel good. We take care of every garment we draw, we cut and sew. And we hope that, even the wearer will take care of it. Because a dress is like a family bond: it's made to last."

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