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APOF - A Piece of Favourite

Inspired by the cherished pieces we all treasure in our closets, APOF crafts small, unique projects and collections meticulously designed and executed with care. With a strong emphasis on quality, humor, and a distinctive design ethos, each APOF creation exudes a recognisable aesthetic.

Featuring simple and stylish silhouettes, APOF's offerings range from timeless prints to trendy color palettes and graphics. Central to APOF's philosophy is the focus on limited project editions, designed for both everyday wear and special occasions, reflecting a belief in the enduring appeal of long-lasting favorites.

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APOF Collection

Founded by sisters Kathrine and Frederikke Hviid, both alumni of the Royal Danish Academy for Fine Arts and former co-founders of Miniature children's wear and WHIITE women's fashion brand, APOF - "a piece of favorite" - embodies the concept of timeless wardrobe staples.

This season's APOF collection showcases their signature Danish design aesthetic that emphasises timeless and stylish pieces. The APOF collection includes a variety of garments, each designed with a focus on quality and unique detailing.

From the APOF Melena Dress Betsy with stunning abstract floral print and the reversible coats and jackets to the selection of shirts that instantly add colour and a playful feel to any outfit.

Add a piece of Danish sophistication to your wardrobe​ with APOF.