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Heart, skin and hands

“Leather is a living material, its entire story is written on its surface.”

Campomaggi bags are made using a particular manufacturing process that involves producing the articles using fine quality 100% Italian full grain natural cowhide, of indisputable quality and resistant to time and treatments.

All the work necessary to complete a Campomaggi bag to the highest standards of workmanship is rigorously carried out by hand, since it is the human ingredient that makes each object unique, original and not standardised.

Once the model has been built, the bag is subjected to the ancient vegetable tanning technique, a completely natural manufacturing process that uses the tannins contained in wood and vegetables, taken from trees such as the mimosa, chestnut, quebracho and oak.

The vegetable tanned leather absorbs the traces of experience. It ages but does not deteriorate. It is precisely the unique changes that occur over time and with use that testify to the natural nature of the product. The colours of the tannins bring intense tones and multiple shades to the leather, and over time and with use these tend to re-emerge on the surface.

Masters of the stud

Campomaggi products are often characterised by studs inserted by hand one by one and “split”, thanks to a particular press customised by the designer, which makes it possible to divide the head of the stud when it is secured, thus giving a unique, irregular effect.

Care and storage

The leather used for Campomaggi bags is a particularly resistant cowhide. This sophisticated type of leather reveals veins and irregularities, even after being treated, thus appearing naturally authentic.

The main feature of natural cowhide is that its beauty and shine improve over time.


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