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Heart, skin and hands

“Leather is a living material, its entire story is written on its surface.”

Campomaggi employs a distinctive manufacturing approach, crafting its bags with meticulous attention to detail using premium-quality 100% Italian full-grain natural cowhide, renowned for its durability and resilience against the passage of time.

Every aspect of crafting a Campomaggi bag is carried out to the highest standards of craftsmanship and is done by hand. Each piece is unique and original. The bag undergoes the time-honored vegetable tanning process—a traditional method that relies on natural elements such as tannins derived from wood and vegetables sourced from trees like mimosa, chestnut, quebracho, and oak.

The natural patina that develops over time, as well as the distinct hues and shades imbued by the tannins, serve as enduring testaments to the authentic character of the product. These rich tones have a tendency to resurface on the leather's surface, adding to its inherent charm and allure.

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