Collection: M.A.B.E Clothing

M.A.B.E is a timeless classic brand, predominately using natural fabrics. From embroidered jackets to printed free flowing dresses. The brand's ethos includes taking an ethical stance by producing styles that move with the seasons and can be worn and loved every summer.

Discover the M.A.B.E. clothing collection.

M.A.B.E Clothing Collection

At M.A.B.E, founders Amanda and Kirstine infuse their work with influences from music, art, and film, rejecting fleeting trends in favor of authenticity. Embracing timeless style, Amanda's design process commences with journeys to India, where she delves into prints, embroidery, and intricate detailing.

Under Kirstine's guidance, M.A.B.E finds its place among the world's most renowned boutiques, cultivating long-standing relationships with partners who share a similar aesthetic vision.

When we talk about M.A.B.E we have to mention the bohemian style. Flowing silhouettes, delicate embroidery and intricate patterns. M.A.B.E clothing uses natural materials like cotton and linen, conscious of its environmental impact.

This season's M.A.B.E clothing collection includes delicate blouses, printed jackets as well as stunning dressed and skirts.