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Rosaura and Pere. Designer and salesman. Mother and son. The perfect combination of trust and care is what makes the difference. A story of passion for nature that started in 2014. Since then, the family shared their vision to bring the most natural and highest quality cashmere in a respectful way to design and produce stylish and comfortable garments for everyone.
To survive extremely cold environments, yaks and hircus goats living in the Himalayan and Mongolian Plateaus grow a down-like fleece of the softest and finest fibres. As they create a natural thermal blanket next to their skin, they use the fleece to spin the exquisite cashmere of Mirror in the Sky.
Good things should last forever. Committed to make the legacy of craftmanship live in every piece for a whole life.
Sustainability is also about supporting the weavers, the herders, the artisans, their traditions and their environment. Minimizing impact and wasting, and enhancing growth and progress ensuring not only the best quality for the products but also a better quality for their lives.


Every detail, from packaging to cords or booklets, is entirely handmade using natural materials and techniques by an ethical women’s cooperative in Kathmandu, empowering female representation at work.

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