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Hand-felted cashmere - that's what the Mouleta brand stands for. The scarves are distinguished by their outstanding quality, high wearing comfort and a particularly long service life.
The story of Mouleta begins with the goats and goatherds from Inner Mongolia. They are made by spinners, weavers and knitters in the heart of Nepal.
The cashmere of Mouleta is washed in their production facility in Nepal, in a unique process, and felted carefully by hand.
Cashmere wool is obtained from the dense undercoat of the cashmere goat. Only once a year during the time of coat change can the fine hair be carefully combed out by hand. Per year, only approx. 180 grams of wool can be obtained from a cashmere goat.
This sustainable way of wool extraction makes cashmere one of the most valuable yarns in the world.
Seasonal colour selection and innovative prints create a timelessly elegant look thanks to the creative cooperation of the design department in Düsseldorf and the local people in Kathmandu.

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