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Established in 1994 by Nygards Anna in Sweden, they only use natural materials and handicraft skills of highest quality, taking care of every little detail. Her clothes are understated and should never outshine the wearer. They believe no garment is complete until someone wears it, until it belongs to someone. Tops often have longer length arms with wristlets or thumb holes which can be turned up or left as they are. The colour range is inspired by nature and are often strong without being bright – more washed out and subdued in tone.
Inspiration also come from work wear and men’s clothes – extremely feminine versions of classic menswear. She prefers linen, wool and ramie to cotton. Cotton production requires significant use of natural resources. Ramie, or China grass, is actually a weed, but it makes a wonderful linen-like fabric. Many garments are made in Estonia & Latvia as Sweden no longer has the type of factory that is able to produce to the standard Anna wants.

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