Collection: Sharing

Sharing was created in 2009 by Katia Samson, born from a personal journey rich in experiences and encounters - an adventure so precious it had to be shared.


Sharing was also born out of an infatuation with a necklace, one which would lead Katia to meet three Tibetan nuns. Exiled in India after years imprisoned in Lhasa for participating in peaceful demonstration against the Chinese occupation, the nuns had learnt how to make delicate jewellery using an intricate technique of micro macrame.

From 2009, they’ve been refuged in Belgium, and they are still part of the Sharing family. Since then the brand has grown and been enriched by new encounters and new creations. Our artisans are now based in Kashmir and Rajasthan.

Each piece of jewellery is a one-of-a-kind composed of faceted gemstones and a delicate yet resistant thread. Refined and poetic, these pieces have a soul, and a story.

Sharing - too precious to be left unshared.

Katia Samson