Collection: The Seated Queen

The Seated Queen is a collection of beauty products. Founded by sisters Josephine and Libby Banks, who are based in the picturesque, rural landscape of Wiltshire, UK.

With Josephine's background as a trained facial massage therapist, her firsthand experience battling eczema and contact dermatitis drives the ethos of creating products that are not only effective but also soothing and gentle.

Libby, a seasoned journalist and consultant, brings over a decade of experience working with global retail and beauty brands to the table. Together, their expertise converges to form The Seated Queen, a brand that epitomises the perfect blend of efficacy and compassion.

Inspired by the star constellation Cassiopeia, also known as The Seated Queen, in the northern sky, the brand draws upon the mythological figure of Cassiopeia, a queen known for her vanity and unpredictable nature.

Embracing the notion of strength coupled with imperfection, The Seated Queen redefines the concept of royalty beyond gender constraints, embodying a state of mind and a way of life rather than a mere title.

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